Recruitment of business partners

We are looking for partners who can cooperate with each other to promote business projects and develop and grow with a long-term perspective based on a relationship of trust.
Would you like to share each other's skills, technical capabilities, and know-how, spread mutual business opportunities, and make it an element to develop each other's company?

It doesn't matter what type of business you are in, such as companies, temporary staffing, business contractors, and free programmers.
If you would like to cooperate as a business partner or would like to hear about us, we would like you to take this opportunity to apply for a business partner recruitment.

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We are looking for companies who can work together as a business partner in system development for various projects. We are looking for engineers who can cooperate with us on a regular basis as freelancers.

Inquiries regarding recruitment of partner companies

We are looking for partner companies who can have long-term relationships through our business and can work together for development and growth.
Please feel free to contact us first.

Correspondence time
[Weekdays] 9: 00 ~ 17: 30 Emails are accepted 24 hours a day.
* We will respond to inquiries received on weekdays after 17:30, on weekends and holidays, and on holidays such as the year-end and New Year holidays, after the next business day.,,
Long-term stable
Most of the projects are in charge of requirements definition to testing, and in some cases, they are in charge of maintenance and operation after that, so it is possible to receive stable orders for long-term projects.

There are many new projects, and you can secure another project even when the project ends.

Strengthening the system
It is possible to receive orders for projects by forming a system with multiple people instead of participating alone.

In some cases, we manage your company members, and in other cases, we cut out a part of the project and outsource it to your company.

By establishing a system, it will be possible to communicate with members and educate young people.

unit price
We can accept orders at a stable unit price for many projects.

Payment is closed at the end of the month and is paid at the end of the following month, which contributes to improving your cash flow.

Work place
Your company, our company, or your customers (in most cases, the work location changes depending on the phase and progress)

Support for a wide range of solutions
We are developing our business centered on three solutions: "General Solution Service", "Infrastructure Solution Service", and "ERP Solution Service". Furthermore, in the collective contract business, we are working to build a strong collaborative system with our business partners. It is possible to participate in projects that allow business partners to take advantage of their areas of expertise.

Wide area activity support through nationwide base cooperation
We share collaborative information with business partners between bases nationwide. Through this, we will support the expansion of new business partners and activities such as Tokyo to Osaka and Osaka to Tokyo through our base cooperation. Would you like to further expand your business opportunities?

What we want to achieve is collaboration and symbiosis
We would like to share not only the point of contact with business partners as a project, but also the idea of ​​how we and our business partners will progress toward the future. In order to deliver peace of mind and satisfaction to customers (users) through system development, we believe that it is essential to establish a strong partnership based on the trust and support of our business partners. .. We will continue to build a cooperative system through continuous communication with our business partners.

[To all referral companies]
At HOCIT, we are waiting for recruitment centered on engineers throughout the year.
We are looking forward to active introductions from new introduction companies.
[To individuals]
Actor Reality is looking for a business partner who can introduce human resources.
Customer resident
(Metropolitan area / Kansai area)

Network construction from WEB
IT services in general

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Please feel free to contact us at the following window.

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