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AI tool to improve matching accuracy between demand needs and seed seeds
AI-equipped matching tool that improves matching accuracy with high probability by AI diagnosis day lining, feature point detection method, etc. Matching conditions between demand and seeds ① Technology
(2) Conditions
③ Personality
④ Corporate culture
⑤ Location
⑥ Achievements
⑦ hours
From the understanding of the business domain, we also provide ideas and consulting to increase profits as a matching service. Breakthroughs in the business are very important to prevent service failures due to depopulation at the time of release. The main purpose of introducing AI is to improve the problem that evaluations vary from person to person and from year to year, and to realize fair and highly accurate selection based on a unified evaluation axis. The merit of improving work efficiency cannot be overlooked. If the burden is reduced, the reduced work time can be used for other tasks. In addition, AI allows you to evaluate a large number of entry sheets and interview seeds in the distance, increasing the chances of contacting more human resources. If AI screens out seeds with a low degree of matching, the risk of declining a job offer can be reduced. Expanding the population and preventing the withdrawal of job offers will lead to a reduction in hiring costs per prospective employee. Natural language classification APIs such as image analysis, data retrieval, and translation can be used to interpret and classify the intent behind the text. The entry sheet is analyzed and evaluated using this mechanism. AI engine. He specializes in finding necessary data from a large amount of text in a short time, and has the characteristic of learning human experience and making decisions that are close to humans. By using the demand needs learned from the data, it is possible to objectively and speedily judge from the entry sheet whether the seeds can be used later and whether there is a risk of withdrawal or retirement. Build an original diagnostic model and analyze and evaluate the entry sheet. The output of evaluation results is diverse, such as "personal image" that scores applicants on seven evaluation axes such as "priority", "proposal power" and "technology" that indicate whether or not they meet past recruitment criteria. ..

Interviews are not organized due to problems with matching accuracy and speed Matching takes time, man-hours are not devoted to collecting information Too much information arrives at the company, and information cannot be fully utilized. Therefore, the progress of the proposal status can be grasped.
• Increase the number of proposals and interviews
Since you can instantly extract the information you want, you can increase the number of proposals and interviews.
• •
Information gathering up
Because the matching man-hours are shortened
Man-hours are avoided for collecting information
• •
Full use of information
Since AI extracts the best candidates, you can make full use of the information that arrives at your company.
• •
Smooth progress confirmation
Since the progress of the proposal status is visualized, the progress can be confirmed smoothly.
AI automatic matching function AI lists matching candidates on the project axis and human resources axis.
AI lists the best candidates from the email information that arrives at your company
, Prediction accuracy of matching degree / aspiration degree is further improved AI matching algorithm
We introduced machine learning * 1 etc. into the recommendation algorithm and renewed the core function as a matching algorithm by AI * 2. As a result, more accurate recommendation results can be extracted from the characteristics of the matter axis and the behavior history in the application of the human resources axis, so it is possible to realize more matching between the matter axis and the human resources axis. * 1 Machine learning: A method of iteratively learning from data and finding patterns hidden in it. A field of artificial intelligence.
* 2 AI: Abbreviation for Artificial Intelligence. It refers to an attempt to artificially realize intelligence similar to humans on a computer, or a series of basic technologies for that purpose. Aiming to improve matching accuracy between skills and work through machine learning
By machine learning, we will analyze the "individual working data" of Lancers and work on creating a mechanism to improve the matching accuracy of skills and jobs.
It suits your idea based on the diagnosis
You can match with people AI will display a list of people who suit you. Swipe to select "Like" or "Send off", and when they become LIKE, matching is established. The compatibility and match degree with the applicants are displayed as a percentage. AI learns the relationship between information between people and jobs. We will develop custom-made AI solutions that realize optimal matching for each in the optimal form for solving your business problems. AI (artificial intelligence) It is a matching AI type RPA that proposes the most suitable exhibitors with the possibility of matching, AI (artificial intelligence) learns, and the accuracy of the proposal is further improved!
Automatically create a database of project / human resources emails
By discovering and proposing matching candidates by AI and searching with multiple conditions
It maximizes the number of matching cases. AI automatically distributes emails to projects and human resources! Not only emails from business partners, but also emails from your company's projects and human resources can be imported!
AI reads the email, determines whether it is project information or human resources information, and automatically sorts it. No more cumbersome manual folder division! If you include the dedicated e-mail address in the e-mail address sent from your company, you can also incorporate your company's projects and human resources into the system. AI lists matching candidates for selected projects and human resources!
When you click on the project or human resource you want to close, AI will propose the human resource or project that is a matching candidate. Candidates you care about can be stocked in "Offer Management" and can be proposed speedily with the email creation function for business partners. By adopting a sympathetic type that makes you feel the "corporate culture" and "atmosphere", you can eliminate the motivation and unmatching of young people.
Business Matching AI Service AI Matching Platform
We will introduce the best company for your business needs.
Business matching AI service is the most advanced "business matching AI service" that is most suitable for your business needs, such as introduction of new distributors / suppliers, product manufacturing contracts / manufacturing requests, service contracts and service provision requests. It is a service that we are looking for from our customers nationwide using "AI (artificial intelligence)".
We would like to promote the activation of our customers' AI business by implementing business matching for the purpose of creating solutions. It is difficult for a company with excellent innovation technology to stand alone, but for solutions created through business negotiations by sublimating into solutions in collaboration with major companies, the "AI Edge Solution Contest"
Compared to the method of simply extracting the projects that use the same keyword, it is a more natural recommendation from a human perspective. We also aim to propose matching that expands the business potential of SMEs by extracting similar projects in a broad sense.

Regional revitalization through sports health utilizing cutting-edge science and technology such as AI x XR

"Sports / Health Town Development" Dancer Dance Video Distribution Short video platform for mobile phones


Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, the number of outdoor exercise opportunities is decreasing, and there is concern that children's physical strength will decline. This time, we have developed a short video platform for dancer dance video distribution mobile phones that allows you to move your body while having fun indoors. We hope that this content will bring out the vitality of children, improve their weakness in exercise, and give them an opportunity to learn about the joy of sports. Includes training elements for dance content developed by Starform Co., Ltd. in collaboration with HOC Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. There are two patterns, "Basic" and "Challenge", which have different choreography difficulty levels. The difficulty level is set, and the short video platform for mobile phones is based on consumption information such as "Let's go to ◯◯!" And "Let's consume ◯◯!" Rather than showing content between acquaintances, which is the platform design of, there is a strong tendency for strangers to loosely connect and evaluate each other. I'm addicted to the atmosphere of modern society because I don't have to worry about the sense of distance from the real world and the eyes and evaluations of my friends. Design that makes it easy to maintain high engagement Structure that makes it easy to increase engagement, -Online payment function-Upload of original video file-Function to change provision conditions and costs by registered dancers and choreographers-Visualization of extracted 3D motion data
--Improved detailed accuracy in 3D motion extraction (finger movement, facial expression, etc.)
--Improvement of processing speed and accuracy of usage detection AI By simultaneously developing an AI that extracts 3D motion from videos and an AI that detects similar choreography, we will promote the vertical launch of this new area. We will create new sources of income for choreographers and will do our utmost to support the further development of their creativity. AI that estimates 3D motion from video, extracts it and converts it into data, classifies 3D motion, and detects copyright usage

The expanding approach is a hybrid tool that assists the expression of movement without depending on experience or proficiency so that the realistic motion data acquired by motion capture can be machine-learned and can be expressed quickly and flexibly with tools handled by humans.


While gathering the elite of data science, HOC Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. utilizes cutting-edge science and technology such as AI x XR in the fields of big data, deep learning and machine learning, and through dancer dance projects, humans can simply input still images. Technology that can detect the joint points and skeleton of the body and detect even the face and hands in detail Analyze human poses with deep learning

A method that visualizes the pose of a person using deep learning It is possible to detect multiple people in a moving image in real time by using a high-performance processor such as a GPU. Not only the body but also the face and hands can be analyzed. The result can be detected even in a video with violent movement, and the movement of person A (source video) can be transferred to person B (target video) with a considerable accuracy of 99%. Training and Transfer, to transfer two phase dances

Starform Co., Ltd. has developed an AI system that deeply learns the movements from videos of professional dancers and redraws the images of amateur-level dancers into professional-level dances. The system combines an algorithm that creates a virtual skeleton for a person from a dance video with another algorithm that infers the invisible side of the person and allows them to draw up to the back, which may be visible when making a turn. It is said that there is. As for the face, it is more realistic, or at the very least, I use separate pictures for a natural drawing, but by giving the model of an amateur dancer who drew a combination of them the movement of a learned professional dancer, Now I can create images that look like they are dancing pretty well. Furthermore, if AI could not create the movement of the character well, it was necessary to change the original professional movement to another one. Especially for breakdance that involves movement such as violent rotation, it seems that the degree of perfection is still difficult. Furthermore, in movies and dramas, it may be possible for famous actors who have passed away to appear in new works with new acting instead of stock images.

Through the activities of the track and field club "Sports CLUB", as part of social contribution activities, co-ordination (cooperation) while showing first-class performance for the purpose of healthy growth of young people through sports and training of top athletes who will lead the next generation. A community sports club that supports the achievement of each member's goals by implementing an exercise program based on the theory (to improve responsiveness = physical performance, etc., and to activate the brain). We provide "Dancer Dance," which is a dance instruction material, so that you can actively and enjoyably engage in dance classes and improve your athletic ability. In addition, we hold "special dance classes" by dispatching professional instructors and "training sessions for teachers" to help teachers learn dance and give lectures to children. By combining the thoughts of both companies, we are energizing children and supporting their healthy growth both physically and mentally. By working together, the two companies will bring out the vitality of children through dance and sports, revitalize the region, and contribute to society. Train your core and work your abs with the dancer Strength training course by active dancers Focus your consciousness on your stomach with yoga and stretch balls, and move your whole body to train the “trunk” inside your body. .. Let's aim for a fun and refreshing "worn" tummy together while incorporating dance movements!

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