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We are an independent software development company that continues to challenge the future with the management philosophy of "learning together, growing, and contributing to society through the challenge of new technology." We are good at system development related to image processing and analysis, and after that, we have developed high-growth distribution, medical care, finance, web services, etc. in the business field, adapting to the evolution and change of the market and technology. We aim to be a distinctive company that can create and provide new value to society and customers.

In order to realize regional medical cooperation and promotion of comprehensive community care system, we will utilize IoT, data analysis, and AI technologies to build a remote monitoring system and a multidisciplinary collaboration platform. Is provided.

In order to realize regional medical cooperation and promotion of comprehensive community care system, we will use IoT, data analysis, and AI technology to build a remote monitoring system and a multidisciplinary collaboration platform. We offer solutions


Cutting-edge technology

AI, IOT, 5G, Blockchain, Quantum computing, ERP, EC, DX, XR, RPA, 5G, etc.


AI x XR x 5G_

◎ AI x XR is rapidly expanding its use not only in the entertainment field such as games and movies, but also in the business and education fields. Due to the growing need for online education due to the new coronavirus and the full-scale introduction of 5G. More and more attention is being paid to real-time distribution of 360 ° videos.

◎ VR service for developmental disability support organizations

Various scenes that require social skills are reproduced in high-definition VR under the supervision of a specialist. A developmental disability support program that allows hands-on training through the eyes, facial expressions, and behavior of the other person.

◎ Nursing care training VR service

A long-term care training VR service for businesses, facilities, and groups involved in long-term care that allows the "field power" of long-term care staff to be developed in a short-term intensive manner by experiencing the positions of both long-term care staff and users from the perspective of the person concerned.

◎ VR live distribution at medical sites An integrated system solution that delivers live distribution of the field of view of specialist staff at the medical site with a 360-degree camera, including the techniques of veteran doctors, and at the same time manages data accumulation.

◎ In the inbound business, we have formed an alliance tie-up with China's largest living information app "" to disseminate information to Chinese tourists, but since this service is very strong, we are visiting Japan all over the world. We aim to scale our business for tourists. In addition, in the food and beverage OMO business, which has just started in earnest, we are proceeding with the construction of necessary services by forming cooperative relationships with companies that have technologies such as loT and Al. A [Social implementation of A [algorithm centered on deep learning solves problems in a complicated society.


AI edge

〇 Hospital management support

Supporting the management of hospitals and clinics, such as health management and work efficiency improvement for medical staff who work irregularly for a long time, support for early discharge by grasping patient vitals and pathological changes, and collection of patients by disease screening. We provide solutions to .. Health management ® AI solution that supports productivity improvement and depression risk improvement starting from "measures for stiff shoulders and back pain stress"

〇Support for regional medical cooperation_

〇 [AIx Manufacturing] We provide a wide variety of support for our unique technology with AI edge to famous Japanese companies such as automobiles, electric appliances, machine tools, heavy industry, medical precision equipment, and materials.

We have faced many difficult developments and have provided optimal and high-quality systems to users with "challenge to new technologies" and "responsibility to complete to the end". As a member of the intellectual service industry, we will continue to respond accurately and promptly to new trends in the world and user needs, and strive for development services that are one step ahead of the times, based on our abundant development achievements, technological capabilities, and know-how. I will continue. With modeling and cognitive recognition technology at the core, Fukahori develops image processing and engineering software. Since then, we have gradually advanced into social infrastructure and business software development, and have grown as an advanced IT service company. In recent years, we have set up an applied technology development department and are one of the first to develop advanced elemental technologies such as Al, loT, pick data, machine learning, and advanced deep learning technologies. Now is a new period of change in the times. Promote "customer value creation" based on abundant development results, future-oriented technological capabilities and expertise. We will study technology and challenge the future possibilities of information technology.

〇Healthcare aiming to extend healthy life expectancy Our X advanced technology AI data duct developed from scratch

In-house original! Service using AI database We are aiming to create a new lifestyle in an unprecedented area by fusing brain science, medicine, and AI. Our company [Medical XAI startup, a product that creates innovative services Owner]

Mask wearing voice AI, hand washing time judgment Al


We are accompanying it as a development utilizing advanced technologies such as Al · 3D. A l x Robot _


◎ [AI x Sports]

In the sports field, we are promoting skill transfer and data utilization centering on the following competitions.

・ Soccer: J League J1 Sanga Tosu

◎ [R & D of industry-academia collaboration]

Most of the projects are with customers in the apparel, fitness, and healthcare industries, and we are accompanying them as a development utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as Al and 3D. Alx Robot Business Business In order for people to live a happy and lively life every day, we provide healing, warmth, and sound to our hearts, and provide "information" that is indispensable for maintaining, improving, and preventing health in an easy-to-understand manner. Aim for that. Personalized and easy-to-understand information by Cordeco's new 3D / Al database advanced technology + AI / EC (e-commerce) is provided to help those who are having trouble finding the information they need due to information overload. We are committed to providing it. Utilizing cutting-edge 3D-related technology, a wide range of industry-leading initiatives such as apparel, healthcare, fitness, and aerial surveys ・ Posture analysis service ・ Personal color diagnosis ・ Face diagnosis ・ Online online fitting service ・ Custom design of custom suits ・ Virtual Model production

■ 1. Specialist thinking Alization and practical application support project (Search App / Knowledge DB Cloud / All system construction)

2. Knowledge distribution / education business (subscription / blockchain)

3. Digital Fabrication Business (Factory loT, Digital Triplet)

4. Sports x AI business (simulation / performance analysis)


Healthcare specialized curation platform _


[Main business contents]

■ Healthcare specialized curation platform

From data analysis in the medical / healthcare field and development of solutions / business models based on technologies such as Al · loT, development of new preventive / therapeutic methods including drug discovery, and policy proposals to governments and local governments. We are developing business up to.

〇Wear Lapple Depaise

We are developing wearable devices for medical use that have obtained medical device certification and for sports for the purpose of general users' use.

〇 Line-of-sight analysis type perimeter device

We are developing software and medical equipment that can perform visual field abnormality examinations performed in ophthalmology on both eyes at the same time with a head-mounted display and while reducing the burden on the subject.

〇 Infant nap monitoring camera "Peppy Monitor J"

Mainly in the dice garden, by analyzing the image of the camera installed on the ceiling with the rear) time, it is necessary to detect the dangerous prone infant and inform the dice, and at the same time, it is necessary every 5 minutes. We develop and provide services that automate recording work.

〇Incorporation of a system that emphasizes risk weighing / productivity improvement

We measure sleep and fatigue steadily, and provide system distributors and introduction support for the purpose of improving risk and productivity associated with fatigue.


AI camera _

〇 [Advanced technology x manufacturing] We update the foundation of business in all industries such as construction, manufacturing, manufacturing and sales with cutting-edge technology and AI solutions that realize overwhelming efficiency, and it is useless. We would like to realize a world where we can carry on without any problems. We are developing motion analysis algorithms and information extraction algorithms to meet diverse needs and system requirements in all industries.

▼ Motion analysis algorithm

Construction, manufacturing, manufacturing and joint development AI camera with heavy machinery

・ Human sensing AI

Information extraction algorithm

AI camera equipped with Al heavy equipment


AI Short Movie App Tool _

We aim to acquire new sales by developing new digital products such as Al that can be enjoyed in-house and selling them on the Internet through our own EC site.

This time, (1) New product development that makes the best use of our strengths (Marketing X Design X as MA (Marketing Automation) New service (new product) that makes full use of the three axes of cutting-edge technology technology DX short by combining RPA, AIOT, and manga (Movie application tool), and (2) sell on the Internet through the company's EC site. ③Al ・ Artificial Intelligence EXPO, Blockchain EXPO, Quantum Computing EXPO Exhibition


Quantum computing

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We will develop an application to evaluate the clinical course of facial nerve paralysis using AI facial expression recognition technology, and perform verification evaluation using patient data from Kyorin University Hospital. The evaluation (diagnosis) of facial nerve paralysis has been performed based on the subjectivity of doctors, and there has been a problem that the evaluation is not constant depending on the examiner. In the joint research, we aim to establish a new evaluation method for facial nerve paralysis and spread the use of AI in actual diagnosis and treatment work by using quantitative evaluation using AI facial expression recognition technology in the diagnostic process.